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Yay! You’re here because you photographed, hosted, or had the most perfect party ever. You clinked glasses with the newlyweds, threw some confetti, and maybe even teared up a little while you watched the festivities unfold. Don’t let your hard work go to waste; share your party details to inspire planners everywhere! is the quickest way to share your gorgeous party with the world. And B&G vendors, rejoice! Because when your details are shared in a Real Party post, they link directly through to your B&G listing. So get the party started because chances are, hostesses everywhere are going to want to party with you!

When choosing images for our site, we look for dreamy (natural, light-filled, minimally processed) photography, swoon-worthy details, and a certain party-induced je ne sais quoi. We accept photos from any of the following celebrations, in addition to styled shoots: proposals, engagement parties, bachelor(ette) parties, wedding showers, bridesmaid’s brunches, boudoir sessions, rehearsals, weddings, destination weddings, honeymoons, + vow renewals. Please allow up to two weeks for our team to swoon over your images + decide whether or not they’re a good fit for our site. Cheers!

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Sharing is Caring, Party Peeps!

photographers + party people,

We want to take a soap box moment to say thank you! We know that we would be a lot less pretty and way less popular without you multi-talented creatives who so graciously choose to share your art with us. You have the choice of many wedding websites to share your work on and by choosing ours, we are humbled; we are so. incredibly. grateful. Seeing your dreamy images and scenes come to life on our little corner of the internet truly brings us to (happy) tears. (Hey, it’s our party, we’ll cry if we want to!) Speaking of tears, please don’t be discouraged if your submission is not accepted as a feature on our site. So many small details– the styling, the couple, the lighting, the place, the space, the party type, the season, etc.– must align for a submission to be just right. Just because your work wasn’t accepted for publication this time around most definitely doesn’t mean that your work isn’t beautiful! We know that you pour confetti, sweat, and tears into your craft, so please submit to us again in the future. We love swooning over your work!

xo, party girls


We’re out polishing disco balls and sipping champagne. But you can send us an email and we’ll get back to you, asap. Cheers!

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