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Hi Party People!

Like everyone else in the world, we looooove weddings and partying with newly engaged couples. But we don’t discriminate when it comes to parties– we also love proposals, bachelorette, bachelor, and engagement parties, wedding showers, couples showers, bridesmaid brunches, rehearsal dinners, receptions, honeymoons, and vow renewals! The more the merrier. But, what we wouldn’t double tap is the traditional process of planning these parties.

So, when we were in the midst of planning engagement parties, bachelorette parties, and showers for our besties, we thought: how can we make this process easier (and more fun)? Enter Bride & Groom– a collection of directories of unique vendors, venues, recommendations and suggestions for planning the perfect wedding party! Put on your party pants, because instead of spending countless hours on the web attempting to find the place, space, vendors, and inspiration for your upcoming celebration, you can do it all (for free!) on Bride & Groom. And, vendors, rejoice! Because word of mouth just got real. With Bride & Groom’s social-based platform, friends can recall (with the click of a button) which hot spots Rachel hit on her bougie bach party, who Monica’s incredible photographer was, or which bakery made that perfect buttercream cake for Phoebe’s bridesmaid’s brunch.

Our features– like artfully curated city-based directories, real party inspiration posts, itinerary builders, guest list managers, city guides, and email invitations– take all of the stress out of party planning. So go ahead and focus on celebrating with the future newlyweds, writing the perfect toast, or pretending you’ll totally wear that bridesmaid’s dress again. (You’re the real MVP, MOH).  And, don’t worry, we vow that we won’t overwhelm you with information you don’t need– if it’s not somehow related to partying with the soon-to-be newlyweds, it’s not our cup of tea– or, glass of bubbly! Confetti drop.


We’re out polishing disco balls and sipping champagne. But you can send us an email and we’ll get back to you, asap. Cheers!


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